I Am Alive

by Connor Grail

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Across the stars, and throughout the years, just remember that you are alive.
Because I am.

Special Thanks to Mom, Dad, Rachel, Brandon (the family), Luc Mongrain, Simon Kaarid, Blaine Kuzemczak, Mike Yakovlev (YakovlevArt), Zack Berwick, Greg Hatchette, Garrett Quesnelle (London Lazers), Legna Zeg, Mattashi, Trever Barger (FleckoGold), Peter Anthony Smith (SoundoleVGM)

All songs written and composed by Connor Grail

Mixed by Connor Grail
Mastered by Greg Hatchette


released May 20, 2017

Connor Grail



all rights reserved


Connor Grail London, Ontario

A Funk Lord from dimensions beyond. Also known as Connor Grail, a musician from Canada who likes to make groovy music with a dash of fun, and a pinch of crazy.

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Track Name: I Am Alive
I, I was alive, and what I see this night I can’t believe
The pain and evil gleaming in your eyes
I am alive, and I have found you in the night

I was in my house, hanging out
Baking cookies, watching movies on my couch
And then of nowhere out, there came a shout
Like a thunderclap it c-c-cracked so loud
“Hey, you!”, I heard a voice say, came from the ceiling
I looked up and beheld what I can say was
Clearly a thing of evil, the dark lords equal
And of all people he was sent to say to me

I, I am alive, and what I see this night I can’t believe
The pain and evil gleaming in your eyes
I am alive, I was sent up here to find you
To torment you and bind you
I, I am alive, and what I see this night I can’t believe
The pain and evil gleaming in your eyes
I am alive, and I have found you in the night

Oh shit, I’m really pissed
But also scared, because the demons have me on their secret list
Well shit, what can I do, I think I’m screwed
But then I had a plan out of the blue
I punched him, and did a kick spin, it was amazing
I could feel something within me that was awakening
No longer shaking, I kicked his ass and opened up the oven
To take out the cookies I was baking


Now, I am alive, and what I did tonight I can’t believe
The awesome badass that I am inside
I am alive, and I know whatever the test is
The funk will help me best it all the time

Track Name: Looking 4 U
When you were here, I understood, my life had purpose
The things you taught me had been worth it for the sunrise
Couldn’t see through all your white lies
You seemed so happy on the surface

In those days, I never knew the truth about you
Or all the hardships that you went through just to make me feel awake, restless to aid me
If I just knew, I could have helped you

Save Me, ‘cause I’ve been looking for you lately
Always wish there was another way
I’ve been searching for you night and day, oh and
Save Me, I’ve been looking for you lately
Wish I knew about the time and place
‘cause I’ve been searching for you night and day
Oh, save me

One day I know you’ll be waiting for me smiling
Say I’m sorry it’s been a while, and there’s so much to catch up on
So much has happened while I was gone
We’ll reconcile, I’ll say it’s fine

And when I am on my own
In the empty home
I dream of when you’ll tell me, “I’m proud of what you did and how you’ve grown”


One day I will find you
And tell you what I went through
And tell you how I dreamed about that day

Track Name: The Man That Funk Built
Running away, running away from all the stress
You gave it your best
I know what it’s like, I know what it’s like to feel suppressed
You failed the test

And there’s a reason that I built you (in my soul, in my soul, in my soul)
And there is still so much that you must do

So please believe, and see the dawn
No looking back, no second thoughts
Hold your life, like a blade
To the sky, block out the shade
Take life by the hilt
The man that Funk built

Intergalactic Lord, use your travelling tactics from the board
And your awesome sword (It’s really cool)
Do what you need, don’t forget what it means to be the person that they freed
From the depths of deaths old greed

Cause there’s a reason that they need you
And there is still so much you must do


Ok boys, welcome to the Robot Rock Off!
First up, we’ve got the man that Funk built on guitars, here we go!

Ooh, not bad, not bad, Alien Keyboard brothers, give it up!
Very nice, let’s end this off sweet.
That’s what I’m talking about.
What do we got to say folks?


The man is alive
He is alive
I Am Alive